Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Dahlia Darling

Scallop Edge Pinafore Dress | Dahlia via eBay
Top, necklace and shoes | Topshop

These photos were taken ages ago but I completely forgot about them and have only just got around to posting, whoops (story of my life)! I think the bottom picture looks quite trippy - likes it's spiralling into the distance... Just me?

I love this scallop - edge pinafore dress from Dahlia. I got it on eBay for £36 which was a bargain as the RRP was £65!! I would never pay that much for it, even if I do love it! I've worn this little ensemble to work quite a few times. I think the dress works pretty well with this lace top from Topshop, but would also be great with a shirt or blouse. I might start posting more work outfits more often as it's pretty much all I wear these days! I also feel my work wardrobe needs some inspiring, so please send any workwear inspired posts my way!
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Monday, 9 September 2013


 Dress | c/o Chi-chi
Sandles | Dune
Watch | DKNY

Wow it has been so long since I last blogged! I have been so busy that this is the first chance I've had to blog anything in ages! In the last few months my life has been a whirlwind of going to Barbados, moving in with my boyfriend, buying furniture for our house, work commitments, seeing friends and being a bridesmaid at my best friend's wedding. I haven't even been reading other blogs so it has been a complete blog break! I've really missed blogging though, and have lots of outfits I can't wait to post about! These photos were taken outside of our new house so I hope you like the new background!

I was sent this gorgeous dress from Chi Chi a couple of months ago, and it's been hanging in my wardrobe ready for me to post about for some time now (whoops!) When I received it it was much more formal than I was expecting, from looking at the pictures online. It has a net underskirt which I thought it was just a regular skater skirt, making it perfect for a summer party, BBQ or wedding. I love the cute bow detail and pretty lace on the back. Have any of you tried Chi Chi dresses? They have so many perfect party dresses and are well worth checking out, let me know what you think!

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Monday, 22 April 2013


Jacket | Primark
Necklace | Urban Outfitters

I'm really excited to show you my new dress I was recently sent from the lovely Sarah at Indigocult Agency. It's from Ginger Fizz, a feminine brand with embellished pieces, fabulous prints and gorgeous materials and is available at I really love the harlequin print on this dress. Its got a gorgeous silky material and open back so I was really looking forward to cracking it out over the weekend as we were blessed with some sunshine (at last!) Unfortunately the sun decided to hide away while I was taking these snaps - just my luck! I decided to brave bear legs as I got a little too over excited by the prospect of some Vitamin D and quickly regretted this choice as it wasn't that warm after all. Regardless, I love the dress and decided to wear it with my cropped denim jacket from Primark to brighten it up a bit. I wish I had an oversized / vintage jacket as it would go so much better, one to add to the wishlist.

I'm unsure about why these images have come out so much smaller in width to to the rest of my posts, as I set them to the same pixel width as always. I've recently started using Paintbrush (for Mac) to put my pictures together into one image so I'm not sure if this is why. It seems like a pretty bad application generally so I think I may have to try something else - please send any suggestions this way! I'm such a dumbass when it comes to things like this and has taken me nearly 2 years of blogging to even try any photo editing software at all! So it's probably my fault for doing something stupid aha :-)

Hope you've all had lovely weekends!

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Saturday, 20 April 2013

Ginger Fizz

Bandeau top (worn underneath) | Mango
Jacket | Topshop (old)

I'm trying to get back into a good blogging routine and am doing well so far with this being my third this week! I'm going to be scheduling posts over the weekends as I don't get time during the week because of my job, but I've really missed blogging so want to get back into it. I should be getting a new camera soon as well so that will help as I much prefer how photos look with a DSLR. I probably going to get the Cannon EOS 110D but if you have any other recommendations please let me know!

I was recently sent a few things from Indigocult Agency. This top is from Ginger Fizz which is available from, I've been wearing it loads recently! I love the Cherub print graphic. Ginger Fizz is a really cool brand from Australia which I've only recently come across (love Australian brands - Black Milk and Unestablish for example). Their clothes are really feminine with loads of pretty bright prints, well worth checking out. I am a particular fan of this dress.

I also got these jeans a few weeks ago as I wanted some light coloured jeans for summer. I thought about getting some more of the the Topshop Joni Jeans but I think these actually suit my shape more, as I have a short upper body - they come just below the belly button on me. I had to get these jeans in petite being a shorty! I'm 5 ft 3 so anything above a 28 inch leg looks baggy around my ankles!

I hope you've all got nice plans for the weekend, today is a lovely sunny day so I'm looking forward to going out and enjoying it!


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Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Missguided Top Keep or Return?

Jeans and necklace | Topshop

I've pretty much decided I'm going to return this top. I do really like it but it's a bit too 'TOWIE' for me and not really my style. Let me know if you think otherwise though and i might be persuaded to keep it.

I had my hair done a few weeks ago and tweeted about it when I got it done but have't had a chance to put a post up until now. It's darker with a middle parting, let me know what you think!

I went to the AX Paris event last week and had such a good night, they unveiled their new TV advert which looks amazing - lots of lovely dresses I'm now lusting over for my summer holiday! I was lovely to see some of my favourite bloggers again and meet some new faces as well! I was tweeting about it on the night so if you follow me on twitter you'll have seen what we got up to! Hope everyone's having a lovely week? I'm going to Leeds tomorrow with work which is quite exciting and a bit different, we're going on a company night out which should be a laugh!

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Monday, 15 April 2013

Topshop Wishlist: My Stock Stalker

I thought I'd let you know about a website I recently came across called My Stock Stalker. Despite it's deceptive name, it's a really cool site that allows users to create a fee account and select products from over 200 major online retailers including ASOS, Topshop, New Look,, Ikea and Amazon. You will be emailed when your selected items drop in price or go into sale, or have the option to specify a price at which you would like to be emailed. Users may also request for sites to be added.

The benefit of the service is that members will be one of the first to know when their selected item drops in price before selling out. The list of supported sites is continuing to grow and they are in the process of adding American sites to the list as well. I think this is a really useful tool and one that I will definitely be using as I am always out for a bargain! For more information on how to use the site, please see their video tutorial below:

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Thursday, 28 February 2013

White Noise

Jacket, Cardigan and T shirt | Topshop
Leggings and Necklace | Urban Outfitters
Beanie | Topman

I've been wanting to blog about these black leggings I got for Christmas from Urban Outfitters for a while now. I really like the material of them and how the black has a bit of shine to it and not just a mat black like a lot of leggings are. As much as I love them the only problem with them is that they are a bit saggy and fall down a bit so I have to keep pulling them! 

I'm really looking forward to the weekend because it's one of my friends birthdays on Saturday.  Were going to the spa for a nice day of being pampered and then going into Southampton for a night out and it will be the first time I've been out there in what seems like years so lots to look forward to!

Hope everyone has got exciting weekends lined up too!

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Friday, 22 February 2013


Dress | c/o NAANAA
Jacket | Topshop Boutique (old)
Bracelet | Olena Jewellery
Necklace | Urban Outfitters

I recently received this gorgeous dress from NANAA and couldn't wait to blog about it as I love it so much! I'm really into longer dresses at the moment and love the sheer material on the skirt of this one. I think the shorter slip underneath it gives a really cool effect and the glitter is really pretty. I really like the contrast of the pleather bustier against the skirt, which made this dress really stand out to me and is a very welcome addition to my (ever growing) dress collection. I've been really impressed with the quality of this dress and the prices of the NAANAA collection are all really reasonable with many things being under £20. I also really like this dress and this amazing jumper which I've added to my payday wishlist! You can also find NAANAA on the ASOS Marketplace here if you'd like to check out their new SS13 Collection.

I'm also wearing this skull bracelet from Olena Jewellery which I got after seeing Kirsty blog about it a while ago. At £5 it's a real bargain and I love the detail on it.

Hope everyone's well and are enjoying your Fridays!

Lots of Love

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