Tuesday, 16 April 2013

Missguided Top Keep or Return?

Jeans and necklace | Topshop

I've pretty much decided I'm going to return this top. I do really like it but it's a bit too 'TOWIE' for me and not really my style. Let me know if you think otherwise though and i might be persuaded to keep it.

I had my hair done a few weeks ago and tweeted about it when I got it done but have't had a chance to put a post up until now. It's darker with a middle parting, let me know what you think!

I went to the AX Paris event last week and had such a good night, they unveiled their new TV advert which looks amazing - lots of lovely dresses I'm now lusting over for my summer holiday! I was lovely to see some of my favourite bloggers again and meet some new faces as well! I was tweeting about it on the night so if you follow me on twitter you'll have seen what we got up to! Hope everyone's having a lovely week? I'm going to Leeds tomorrow with work which is quite exciting and a bit different, we're going on a company night out which should be a laugh!

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  1. I think this looks really nice dressed down like you have. It could like a bit TOWIE if it was dressed up a bit more but it looks nice casual xo


    1. Thanks lovely, was thinking about it with a pleather high waisted skirt as well, maybe too dressed up tho haha. Xxx

  2. Are you definitely going to return it? I like the top itself but I'm not so much a fan of the colour (but that's just me) x x

    1. I probably will as I don't think I'll wear it much. I do like the colour as I'm quite a pinky person but it is a bit bright! Xx

  3. I will looking at these as well but I didnt think they'd sit right, sometimes I find Miss Guided fabric can be a bit thin/cheap.

    You're hair looks lush, love the colours!


    Stevie x

  4. The AX Paris event looked incredible and I actually really like the crop top, you could make it edgy with a leather jacket or even a denim jacket over it! Also your hair is lovely

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