Monday, 15 April 2013

Topshop Wishlist: My Stock Stalker

I thought I'd let you know about a website I recently came across called My Stock Stalker. Despite it's deceptive name, it's a really cool site that allows users to create a fee account and select products from over 200 major online retailers including ASOS, Topshop, New Look,, Ikea and Amazon. You will be emailed when your selected items drop in price or go into sale, or have the option to specify a price at which you would like to be emailed. Users may also request for sites to be added.

The benefit of the service is that members will be one of the first to know when their selected item drops in price before selling out. The list of supported sites is continuing to grow and they are in the process of adding American sites to the list as well. I think this is a really useful tool and one that I will definitely be using as I am always out for a bargain! For more information on how to use the site, please see their video tutorial below:

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  1. I love the blue jumper and the bird top :) xo

  2. In LOVE with the wooden platforms!!!

    Stevie x

  3. I love the studded dress and those heels are amazingg:) x

  4. This is such a clever idea! I'm going to check it out, love getting a bargain in the sales especially if it's something I've been after a while

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